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Laboratory Opportunities

A Research Specialist opportunity is available in identifying therapeutic approaches for neurodegenerative diseases including Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases. The ideal candidate will work as a member of a team to investigate mechanisms of disease and develop therapeutics. Specifically, the candidate will drive optimization of small molecules reversing synuclein malfunction as determined in cellular and animal models of phagocytosis and neurotransmitter release as therapeutic leads for Parkinson’s disease. These studies will in addition characterize biological pathways impacted in cell and animal models of disease by these compounds and provide validation of their relevance to disease.

• Test previously identified small molecules in cellular models of synuclein function and toxicity to identify those best suited to take into animal models for Parkinson’s disease.
• Drive the development of robust reproducible phagocytosis assays in primary microglial and macrophage cells and in cell lines and rigorously test compounds in these assays in high through-put format.
• Preparation of primary neuronal, glial and macrophage cultures from rodents.

Education/Skills Experience Required:
• Minimum: M.S. in a field of Biological Sciences
• Minimum: 2 years laboratory bench experience.

Skills/Experience required:
• Rigorous scientist with demonstrated excellent experimental skills.
• Significant mammalian cell culture experience including excellent aseptic technique and rigorous maintenance of healthy cultures.

Experience Preferred:
• Ph.D. in a field of Biological Sciences
• Experience in generating robust primary neuronal, microglial or macrophage cell cultures for demanding biological investigation.
• Experience in microscopic techniques including automated high content imaging systems and quantitative image software analyses.

Contact Lisa McConlogue at lisam@trp.ucsf.edu

600 16th St, San Francisco, California, 94158-2517
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